Vision Statement Finalized

The Vision Statement for the Kerrville 2050 Comprehensive Plan has been finalized. The statement is based on ideas from about 140 people at the Community Retreat in November 2017 and further work and refinement by the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, all of whom were asked to draft a statement describing “Kerrville’s image of itself…at its best…in the future.” They were asked to consider a variety of issues—economic development/economic vitality, housing and neighborhoods, Kerrville’s history and legacy, community character, transportation, parks, the environment—and to make the statements both inspirational and realistic. The final statement reads:

Kerrville will be a vibrant, welcoming and inclusive community that:

Respects and protects the natural environment that surrounds it;

Seeks to attract economic growth and development;

Provides opportunities for prosperity, personal enrichment and intellectual growth for people of all ages; and

Does so while preserving the small town charm, heritage, arts and culture of the community.

This Vision Statement expresses the values most important to the community and will set the direction for the rest of the plan, especially the development of goals and plan principles. Once the Kerrville 2050 Comprehensive Plan is adopted, it will provide a basis for decision-making, community action and implementation.

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