Steering Committee Reviews Draft Scenario and Guiding Principles

The Kerrville 2050 Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee met on February 26 to focus on two major tasks: to review and provide direction on a Draft Preferred Scenario prepared by the consulting team based on input from the Open Houses on February 5 and 6 and to review the Guiding Principles drafted by the Comprehensive Plan Subcommittees.

The Draft Preferred Scenario highlighted several strategic opportunity areas within the city limits and the ETJ, such as the Sports Complex, the Airport, along the Guadalupe River and the area near Schreiner University. Each of these would be a focal point for development or redevelopment in the coming years. The Committee was asked whether they felt the draft scenario generally responded to the voices of the community on several key topics at the Open Houses—housing choices, infrastructure plans, parks, neighborhoods and others. For each topic, at least two-thirds of the Steering Committee members felt the plan reflected the opinions given by people attending the Open Houses. To see the presentation from the meeting and the Committee’s responses to each of the questions, click here.

After the keypad polling on the Draft Preferred Scenario, the Committee was asked to review the preliminary Guiding Principles drafted by the Subcommittees. These Guiding Principles will help clarify the intended policy direction related to each plan component or plan topic. The Steering Committee worked in groups to see whether any of the draft principles could be combined or whether new principles should be added to the list. A member of the Steering Committee who also served on one of the Subcommittees facilitated the discussion for each group. Work on these principles as well as the plan components will continue in the coming weeks as the consulting team prepares for the next meeting of the Steering Committee in April.

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