Steering Comittee Meeting #3 recap

The Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee met at Schreiner University on December 4, 2017 to discuss feedback from the Kerrville 2050 Community Retreat and to learn how that information is being used as the project moves forward.

At the November 18 Retreat, participants worked in groups to develop draft Vision Statements and did a mapping exercise to show where they think development of various types—residential, commercial, industrial, mixed use— should be located in Kerrville in the future. Since the Retreat, the Vision Statements and maps have been evaluated by the consultant team for common themes and patterns. These themes and patterns were described in the presentation and discussed by the Committee.

Click here to view the presentation from the Steering Committee meeting.

At the direction of the Committee, the consultants will move forward with their evaluation of three alternative land use plans for review by the community in Open Houses planned for February 2018 and will revise the Vision Statement to incorporate some of the suggestions made in the discussion. The day following the Steering Committee meeting, the final set in a series of nearly 40 Stakeholder Interviews was conducted. Insights from the interviews and opinions expressed in surveys online and at the State of the City Address will all factor into the development of the final Comprehensive Plan.

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