Revised Draft Kerrville 2050 Plan Posted Prior to Planned Adoption

The revised draft Kerrville 2050 Comprehensive Plan is available for review ahead of the June 26 City Council meeting, where it is scheduled to be adopted upon second reading of the ordinance. The Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously recommended approval of the plan following a public hearing at its meeting on June 7, and the City Council voted 3-2 on June 12 following its public hearing and first reading of the ordinance. Click here to see the presentation from the June 12 meeting. At the June 26 City Council meeting there will be a brief presentation highlighting the features of the recommended plan prior to final Council action.

Kerrville 2050 covers land use, economic development, housing, Downtown, parks and the river corridor, public facilities and services, and other topics and includes a detailed implementation strategy. The plan focuses on 11 strategic assets in the community, each with its own character and potential for growth, as the most likely places for future investment and reinvestment. The land in between these 11 Strategic Catalyst Areas retains the land use designation from the 2008 Comprehensive Plan that is closest to the new Place Type descriptions in the Kerrville 2050 plan.

This approach was based on an unprecedented amount of community input gathered over the course of the project from:

  • The Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee (42 persons)
    Seven Comprehensive Plan Subcommittees (approximately 70 members total)
  • Interviews of over 100 Kerrville stakeholders
  • The Chamber of Commerce State of the City Address (which included an in-person survey)
  • Five different community events (more than 500 participants at four
  • Open Houses and the Community Retreat)
  • Online surveys (2)
  • Other informal opportunities for feedback

This very substantial public involvement process played a crucial role in shaping the plan.

Click here to see the revised draft of the Kerrville 2050 Comprehensive Plan, which will be considered on June 26, at 6:00 p.m. at the Cailloux Center. Mark your calendar and celebrate with your community!

Kerrville 2050
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