Kerrville Voices Being Heard

At the Kerrville 2050 Open Houses on February 5th and 6th, nearly 250 people contributed their thoughts on three Alternative Land Use Scenarios and how each reflected their preferences on a number of important issues impacting the future of Kerrville.

Those issues included:

  • The location and distribution of growth
  • Economic factors, such as jobs and housing
  • Infrastructure, mobility and public facilities
  • Quality of life, the Guadalupe River, parks
  • Downtown Kerrville

Participants in the Open Houses visited topical information stations that allowed them to compare the implications of the three scenarios pertaining to each of the topics. They were also asked to select the one scenario that best demonstrated their preferred future vision for Kerrville in 2050. Click here to see the results of the feedback exercise and here for the Open House presentation describing the planning process, progress to date and the steps that lie ahead.

Input from the Open Houses is being used to draft the Preferred Land Use Plan, which will be reviewed and refined in the coming months with the help of the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee and Subcommittees. The final draft plan will be presented to the Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council in June of this year for adoption.

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