Kerrville 2050 Plan Adopted, Final Plan Posted

The Kerrville 2050 Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the City Council on June 26, 2018, the culmination of a community planning process that began in August of 2017. The Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously recommended approval of the plan on June 7, and the City Council voted on June 12 to approve the plan on first reading of the ordinance; public hearings were conducted at both of those meetings. The final step in the planning process was adoption of the plan on second reading of the ordinance on June 26. Click here to see the presentation from that meeting.

The Kerrville 2050 plan addresses a range of planning topics, including land use, economic development, housing, parks, public services, and other issues and includes a detailed implementation strategy. The plan is built around 11 strategic assets in the community as the most likely places for future investment and reinvestment. Each of these 11 Strategic Catalyst Areas focuses on a unique feature—Downtown, the hospitals, I-10, the new Sports Complex, the Guadalupe River, and Kerrville Municipal Airport—that has the potential to create a distinctive character and stimulate new growth. Each Catalyst Area is assigned a combination of possible Place Types that would be appropriate to support the strategic asset. Place Types are development categories, each generally described by a set of typical primary and secondary uses, representative images, and certain other characteristics. These categories are designed to be flexible so that they can respond to future opportunities as they arise. The land in between the Catalyst Areas retains the designation from the 2008 Comprehensive Plan that most closely resembles the new Place Type descriptions.

The approach to this long-range plan was based on an unprecedented amount of community input gathered over the course of the project from:

  • The Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee and seven Comprehensive Plan Subcommittees
  • Interviews of over 100 Kerrville stakeholders
  • The Chamber of Commerce State of the City Address (which included an in-person survey)
  • Five different community events involving more than 500 participants
  • Two online surveys
  • Other informal opportunities for feedback

Information was provided throughout the process via the Kerrville 2050 website, Facebook and Twitter posts, and email messages to those who signed up to receive notifications. This very substantial public involvement process shaped the plan and helped secure community support.

Click here to see the approved Kerrville 2050 Comprehensive Plan, and continue to check back on this website to see how the plan is being implemented in your community.

Congratulations, Kerrville!

Kerrville 2050
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