Community retreat provides valuable insight for the future of Kerrville

About 140 people turned out for a Community Retreat at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church on Saturday, November 18, to help with Kerrville 2050, the city’s Comprehensive Plan update. Participants were invited to provide ideas and opinions on a number of topics, including housing, activities for all age groups, Downtown Kerrville, the Guadalupe River, infrastructure and economic issues and jobs. They were also asked to rate the importance of several issues to a successful future for Kerrville (also the subject of the online survey running on this website in November and December). Finally, the group worked in teams to develop a Vision Statement for Kerrville in 2050 and a draft land use plan that reflected that vision. The consultant team will use all of the input from the community to move to the next step in the process—creating alternative land use scenarios for consideration at a pair of Community Open House events set for February 2018. Following the Retreat, members of City Staff and the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee manned a float in the Holiday Parade promoting Kerrville 2050 and distributed cards with the website address and a link to the online survey for those who didn’t attend the activities earlier in the day.

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